The Start of Divine Vision!

"Divine Vision"

Never ignore a Vision, it may be Divine!

Divine Vision is the name of my vision.  That is the umbrella for all my ventures. Personally my goal is to make a safe community for my family, friends, and world to live in.  I also want to empower people to take control of their own destinies.  For my community my goal is to teach to give back.  My vision is not a house; it is the quality of life.  My vision is to create wealth and a foundation for my family.  I will pass down a legacy that is like that of the John Wesley Dobbs’s or of the Kennedy’s.

After knowing I was pregnant with twins in May 2005, I thought OK this is what my next chapter.  At 9 ½ weeks I had a miscarriage and had to really deal with past wounds I had bottled for years. I believe my twins came early to let me know the time is now because they are coming back soon and I need to get ready.  I have always worked on my spirit.  Seeking the truth and pursuing the Divine connection.  I grew up with some holes and cracks.  This like for many others weakened my value system.  When you believe you are less than, it depletes you.  I have come to a place where I am blessed to see myself.  But I am far from done.  I have seen there is value, now that just leaves working on my wealth (it’s not just about having money).  It is about creating a balance of abundances in all areas of your life.

In 2005 I had a Vision to create a program to help free people from their baggage.  I convinced myself that I was not qualified to do something like this. First to write anything that is a crazy idea!  I’m dyslexic, have bad grammar and can’t spell.  Second who would want to hear from me, I can’t get people to call me or hang out with me, so why would anyone want to hear what I have to say.  Truth is my “self” talk had been so toxic for so long I could not see the walls I built around me.  I recently found a letter from someone in my past that Loved Me.  He had written a few letters all over six pages, filled with love, laughter, concern and a plea for me to see him.  I wish I could go back and explain that I couldn’t see him because I didn’t see me.  If you had asked me I would have told you I went through high school without even turning a head.  Well at least that is what I was telling myself.  I was also telling myself I can’t write and who would want to read what I have to share.  At the beginning of 2011 after ending 2010 alive and wide open, I started sending out thoughts of the day on my cell phone to my friends and family.  I can write-up to 1000 characters with picture mail.  Then it hit me a few months later…. I’M BLOGGING!  I am getting positive feedback from different people every day.  Then walls can a tumbling down and I started to see me.  I need to proclaim my purpose!  I am a healer!  I am a writer & teacher!  I am ready and I have an audience ready to join me on this amazing journey!  I do not sit and stew over a topic, they flow into me and I let them flow out.   The topic will always be focused on connecting & growth.  TODAY IS A NEW DAY AND A FRESH START TO LIVE THE LIFE I WANT!  Let’s do it together. This is exciting!  I look forward to bringing you books, CD’s, DVD’s , gatherings and fabulous getaway’s.  Please feel free to check us out on Facebook @  if you Love it than show me with a LIKE.   Always sending you Love!

BIG THANK YOU TO RU W. For all your Help, Time, & Support in getting my project going.  I look forward to you creating your Divine Vision!

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