Welcome to the Divine Vision Center for “Healing & Self Discovery”. It is an amazing feeling when you finally drop all your walls to set out on a path and live your purpose. In 2005 I had a vision to learn how to live a life filled with love and to share what I was learning with others. I came up against a lot of adversity; the sad thing was it was all in my head. Gratefully over the last five to six years I have been blessed with many lessons that have set me free. After becoming a certified transformational life coach in 2008 I thought I had to do a long list of things to get here. Truth is I just needed to stop over thinking everything and then get out of my way. I pray that you find the information life changing and the support you need to become the person you were created to be. The Mission of the Divine Vision Center for “Healing & Self Discovery” is to free the mind-soul-heart-spirit-body-the knowing from ego’s grip. To live in a place that is consumed by LOVE for self and emitted to others. It is our belief there is only one Divine Life Source that has created all and all is connected together. We also respect that there are many different ways people choose to celebrate the Divine Life Source. Our goal is to see you, love you and heal the connection while you discover your Divine-Self. We can only heal if we will open up to see clearly what we need to let go of. Sending you LOVE!

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