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I am amazed how easy it is to get inspired or disillusioned by a great conversation. I know personally due to the void within myself from my past, as I identify areas needing to be healed I start to think the issues are of the past. So not true!!! Because I grew up thinking I was unworthy & ugly, when I got attention from others focusing on my looks…I would get a short term rush. It was that high that fades to fast because it is shallow! It’s only that which reaches deep that last!!! True but there is still the habit of seeking when you are low… I posted relationships are either Destiny or Distraction!! How do you know??? We can form friendships with others, we can find that perfect LOVER but is that really going to do it??? I am finding that again the finger points back to me. Recently I was blessed with some very amazing words and reminded that many see. I became like a child in a candy store & slowly like a bull in a china shop. What I realized is that even with all the work I’ve done with finding myself, my Spiritual awakening & life change actions, the mishandled little girl is still present & can come out unexpected. I must stay focused on building strong relationships that allow Spirit, I also need to be mindful of the pain that is still present. I know it is time to build my Destiny with other people who are ready to go deep. Tonight I am grateful for everyone in my life… I am sending you all LOVE… I am also surrounding my Little Girl because she still finds it hard to believe she can be loved & admired… Today is a new day I hope you go deep to find where the freedom key fits. Sending LOVE