"Divine Vision"

Never ignore a Vision, it may be Divine!

Have you ever had an experience where someone, some place, or something brings you so much joy you can’t get enough and you wish time would stand still?  A lot of the times there are deep connections in this world that should not be ignored.   Those moments where we are filled with joy are moments we have allowed ourselves to open up to flow.  As I watch a little angel who is about 1 1/2 dance today, I thought; wow that is what flowing in the energy of pure love looks like.   While Love is always flowing, we don’t always feel it surrounding us.   It is important to know that moments where we feel sadness or pain are moments given as gift to practice Love.  For me I know I grown from all my pain.  It takes a lot of work to heal.   It means you are stopping and looking in the mirror.  Those in our lives who stand up in support of us to propel us in to the LOVE they always carry for us, when sadly we have forgotten to show it to ourselves.  They are a blessing that we regularly over look.  I say over and over focus on your thoughts; it is the FOUNDATION for everything.  It is the foundation, but it isn’t everything, there is more to it.  The roots are your spoken words writing deeply in the earth.   This is why knowing where your places of joy lives is critical.  That is how we arm ourselves with the right tools for success and keep from being uprooted.

Positive thoughts are you flowing with the Spirit.  So imagine what your positive words are doing!  I’m a great example of a person living in a cage.  No matter how beautiful the cage is, it’s still a CAGE, as multiple friends have reminded me.  If you will imagine a Dynamic Lioness growling as she walks back in forth in her almost real life, is she in celebration of her gratefulness?   There are three meals, a roof, companions, children and consistency; what’s more could she want?  Maybe it not what she wants that should be the focus but more importantly what she needs;  her freedom to hunt, run free, to find her voice and follow it.   Does that mean if you are hungry for more that you are not grateful?  Not at all, It just means you are filled with desire to live in the flow.  When the flow is blocked pressure builds.  As pressure build the outcome will be determined by how big the block is.  If it small the pressure for change is also small, but if that pressure is big change is coming and it is going to be big. There are a lot of reasons for your flow to be blocked. While it is important to identify the blockage, it is even more important not to get fixated on the blockage.  Know the why only to know what you need to let go of and so you can heal so you can stop the cycle.

Just a word to the wise!  As you move in to your flow you will find your circle will change.  People you believed would always be by your side will leave.  You will also find people unexpectedly will show and step up.  Be open to the unexpected. Don’t be shaken by those who can’t handle your transformation.  Most likely you were compatible because they too were broken.  Show them love, even if you need to put space between you.  The more I Love me the easier it is becoming to give it and not take their pain personal.  The way I came to this was with my thoughts and my words.  I was spending too much time complaining about and creating what I didn’t want.   Now I work hard to watch the words I speak.  I still vent out frustrations, I just don’t sit and hang out there.  I also spend time finding good things about the situation so I am flowing.  Some could say it’s turning the cheek, I say it is being intentional with the fuel you are burning. If you become a champion of healthy self chatter and spoken word, you better get ready.  If I spend my time speaking and thinking on the behaviors of other, I lose that time I need to create what is good for me.  It comes back to speaking the blockage free.  Speaking your desire with passion is much more productive.

Here are a few activities you can do to get started now.

  • Write down the things in your life that you spend time complaining about.  Identify the things you have the power to change and set goals to change them.  Then intentionally release the rest.
  • Create a mantra that you can repeat to help keep yourself rooted.  Ie. “ I am grateful I know how to create the moment I want right now” or “ I am surrounded with Love”
  • If someone upsets you, find 2 things positive about them and the situation.
  • Make a playlist of your happy music.
  • Come up with some things on your own.
  • Smile!

June 2010 Maxwell is performing in Atlanta, Ga.  I am with my girl and we are having a blast just hanging out.  She gets wind of the concert and the wheels start to move.  We jumped through hoop after hoop to get the tickets for this concert.  We hit a road block when the person with the ticket didn’t have the ticket we were promised.  I saw the volcano about to erupt in my girl; it was trifling, as we were told there is good news & bad news.  Bad there are no tickets for you.  Good news is you can do something else.  Now I know, in most situations a comment like that will leave you with some teeth on the floor.  Yet, I am new and improved.  I shared with my girl she was right with the good new, WE CAN DO SOMETHING ELSE!  I told my girl worry not it will work out better than we could ever plan. That became our motto for the rest of the trip was “JUST DO SOMETHING ELSE!”  With a little encouragement we let it go and decided what will be will be.  Like I said what was, ended up better than anything we could have planned ourselves.  We got the tickets for $40 instead of $115.  Then because they blacked-out an area we got moved closer and center.  Know you can get more love with Loving thoughts and words.  We then got an opportunity to go to the V.I.P. section to watch Maxwell even closer and in better seats yet!  We had a ball!  Not just that night but the days leading up to the concert.  We changed our thoughts and our conversation to the positive, which made a difference.  We became open because we were willing to let go and flow.  I will not pretend this is easy at first, try it for thirty day and see how your life will change and doors fly open.  Sending you and yours LOVE!