How well rooted is your family tree?

When one thinks about family, we would like to think of love, support, and it’s where our strong foundation starts. Recently over the summer I spent time with family. One group was rooted deep in strong soil that makes a strong foundation.  I’m always amazed; the moment I’m in their presences I feel peace.  I know there are those that have feelings of disconnection within the family and they have family secrets, we all do.  I know they are not perfect, but the foundation that was built was one of love & support. On the other hand, the other group always leaves me wondering why I bother to plug-in.  I use to feel that being me was defiantly not good enough. While their intentions may be good there was never that knowing that they will support me in whatever I do.  It was best to keep my dreams to myself.  In all families there is a legacy passed down, it is a family blessing or a curse.  This got me thinking about who we are, how we act and how our family is a huge part of this.  The idea that blood is thicker than water is relative to the family you have been born into. In The Four Agreements, by Don Miguel Ruiz, He talks about how we come in to this life with our beliefs already in tacked.  We did not choose our name, our gender, and our family belief system.  Families are all different because they are based on the belief system of the top members.  These beliefs are then based off their individual experiences & foundation they grew from.  It may seem like a no brainer that leaving your infant unattended outside of a store while you eat or shop would be unacceptable. But if you are from Iceland this is common practice to ensure your baby gets fresh air.  Were you ready to judge?  This difference in belief could burn a bridge for you instead of building one.  I was having a discussion with a trusted & well-respected friend, because we had had to very different childhood experiences we see thing differently at time.  The great thing is because we both have dealt with the fact that our beliefs may be incomplete we are still able to hear & learn from each other.  It made me realized that as we get older we can choose our family, from those who love us & will always support us with honesty.

Where am I going with this? Everyday we make decisions that stem from our beliefs.  We judge people and ourselves from this same place.  We live our lives in fear or love from this same place.  Do you know without a shadow of a doubt you can do anything you put your mind to?  Are you riddled with worry, fear, and self hate?  Where did this start and when or how does it end? I know that when we come from a place where we are encouraged to soar, we do!  But if those around us are caged how can they teach us to live free.  I have struggled with self-image and believing I have what it takes to succeed for years.  The problem with this is if I don’t feel I am worthy, will I fight for the best in my life.  When an opportunity knocks why would I answer if I don’t see me?  This is why I have over and over again sabotage my success.  It is mental bondage and many of us are bound by unhealthy beliefs and don’t even know it.  When we wake up in the morning we have already planned our day, just like when we see people we already have the label ready to go.  We are always going to have lessons to learn and areas to grow, but we decide how we are going to look at the world around us.  Definition: rose-colored glasses if someone thinks about or looks at something with rose-colored glasses, they think it is more pleasant than it really is.  I think this idiom needs to stop having a negative connotation.  We should redefine it as someone who chooses to find the blessing even in adversity and pain. Learning how to identify unhealthy thoughts & deeply rooted beliefs is key part of your success in Healing & Self Discovery.  I touch on this a bit in The Transformation starts with a new word I wrote earlier.  Looking at why and what you believe starts the process.  Understanding it doesn’t start with just you and your parents is also great because you can free yourself of the blame game.  This just is!  There is no wrong!  There is no right!  When we understand this we are now free to open, examine, clean out, heal and discover new opportunities.  My trusted friend reminded me of the cloudy areas that we get caught up in when we are bound to our unhealthy thoughts and belief system.  I hope you take the time to free yourself from the cage if you haven’t already.  I am continuously overwhelmed by the blessings that are flowing in to my life as I walk this path.  It is a path large enough for many, so I look forward to walking it with you.  Sending Love!   Check us out on