Still Beautiful & Weathering the Storms!

The transformation starts with a new word. The flesh may be broken & dysfunctional, but when spirit speaks and you listened, you become the vessel that Spirit flows throughout. Others may not see why or how you have this vision; they may disregard the power in you. DON’T SLEEP ON THIS GIFT! This gift is Spirit filling your already overflowing baskets. Before you reach your success, you will be tempted to compromise what you know is right. There will be a promise of good thing, but the truth is it’s a distraction to keep you from the abundant promise of your birth right! Spirit always gives you a preview of the mountain you will conquer before you do. I must release the gift that has been place in me to give… I MUST stay true to what I know is my calling, my VISION. I will live without regret and in the blessings, not in a curse! I will not sell my destiny for a lie & empty promises. I CHOOSE LOVE… I will accept my new label (new words) & release those that had me in bondage!

How do we get to this place?  How do I start a new way of thinking and of living?  Why are some of us so far off the mark while other appear able to stay on the path from the start?   I think of Billie Holiday’s song God bless the child that has their own.  I know its focus is really on having money, but I think self-identity would be better. One household two children, one is encourage one is not.  Who has success? The one that has a healthy view of themselves, one formed from within and not based on the world outside. Sometime our parents are in so much pain they pass on a curse and the bondage from their past to their children…. I see how this is generational and can be difficult to change.  I came to realized that even those who may seem to have it together may not.  I know that is revolutionary that we all have healing & self discovery that needs to take place.  There is something to be said about our parent child relationships.  They can free us or cage us, but this is not a moment where we start the blame game.  New day – New words! Truth is our parents are not perfect and just like you, they went through their own pain or pleasure to get here. There is no rule book for how to raise or love a child.  There are not instructions on how to put your turmoil on the back burner so you can raise a happy kid!  At some point we must take responsibility for our life and our actions.  Start by using your words and treat yourself right.

When we accept people for whom and where they are we release ourselves from the let down that we are creating by wanting them to be someone else. Wow that was a mouthful, stop expecting an onion to act like an orange.   Whether it’s your parent or not, you have to decide to stop being the victim of what you know is coming or not.  Would you stand in front of a target at a firing range yelling “why are you always shooting at me, why don’t you love me?”  Let the onion be the onion, choose to surround yourself with the real oranges.  Take a look at your family history.  Find out how your parents were handled. Learn about your legacy.  Take some time and identify what is true, what is false about your beliefs about you. Then look at where those thoughts and beliefs came from.  Release yourself of the one that keep you from you purpose, or discovering your gift.  Again don’t sleep on this opportunity. I CHOOSE LOVE… I will accept my new label (new words) & release those that had me in bondage!