Is it possible to have a day planned where nothing happen that’s supposed to, but everything that does happen could have never been planned and is perfect?  I woke up this morning with a clear vision of my day.  But from the start I was removed from my focus with a name and a message.  I allowed it to flow, and then I could get back to my plan.  Amazingly Spirit had bigger plans for my day!  I shared with the one who was on my  heart, but the words kept coming back to me   … I have a thought this morning for us (yoU & Self) When we have a vision, a dream, a desire is it truly realistic to say or believe when the time comes I will….. Or better to do it now so when the time comes the door of opportunity will be opened because yoU were prepared & truly ready.

Over and over today my plans were shot down.  Everything that was supposed to happen didn’t.  I heard from many people thank you for being ok about this, most people get so upset and we have to find ways to calm them.  Here is an outlandish idea, let’s be adults about it.  A big part of realizing your dream and being prepared is handling the downs just as you would the ups.  We are conditions to be happy with a win or success. We then complain and fume about everything else in our lives to everyone who comes in contact.  Let’s be clear we all need a sounding board, and not one that will drive you down. It is also important to know when you are releasing and when you are gossiping (negative chatter).  Our energy must be intentionally put on finding the blessing in and all around you.  Today while it seemed I was having doors slammed in my face, I made a choice!  I chose to Breathe & do something else. This is why doors opened for me I wasn’t even expecting.  It is sad when we close a door without even knowing they were open.  I challenge you to find the gift in the moment so you can flow in the present…..