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TBT:  Found this in my files.  It was published in 2011, in Prominence magazine. I was writing for as a featured author.  I wanted to share it because it gave me a new perspective today in 2016. Please Enjoy….

Recently I took a mini-me vacation, yes, all by myself.  The purpose was to take time to center so I could clearly hear Spirit’s whispers.  It is not Spirit that is screaming in our heads, it is EGO.  The time was rich with amazing insight and blessings.

labI took a journey through a Labyrinth that I highly recommend to everyone who wants balance, clarity, healing and self discovery.  As I entered, I asked to be given a message to speak on, to be provided tools for a living winter and connected holiday season. Walking through the Labyrinth, I was focused on the personal walk I’ve been on.  I noticed that the twists and turns looked the same.  When I thought for sure that I had figured out the pattern, I was surprised several times with a new direction that I had missed because I was too focused on what I thought was right.

In a Labyrinth, there is only one way in and the same way out.  When you reach the center you have not reached the end, but some think that the center is the goal.  The goal is to reach the core of YOU and connect to the soul.

Once you do this, the journey has just begun. The biggest struggle that most people have in their journeys is remaining on the new path; it is unfamiliar, which can be very uncomfortable.  We also think that if we take a short cut that we are saving time.  The truth is both steal your opportunity to reap the blessing waiting for you.  Doing what’s hard and painful build you up and prepare you for the discomfort that will be coming.  When you are unwilling to sacrifice and always look for what’s easy, you will fall to your knees and be blown away when the storm blows through.

While I was walking, though, the paths look the same.  I can see how the mistake could be made in life over and over: “I have been here and done that before,” or, “I don’t need to do this again,” or, “they’re all the same, so here we go again.”  We believe there is no lesson here — or maybe we are just not open to learning it.  Now here we are again entering into the winter season, where we gladly spend time with family, giving thanks.

The question that you must ask yourself:  Are you open to a fresh, stress-free winter, or are you going to continue to relive the drama that started way before you were even born by behaving the same way? Wanting a perfect family celebration, but all the while thinking if it’s gotta be it’s up to them! Oh I see the problem! I want someone else to walk the walk, and I want to still reap the benefits, while really I have just been sitting on my……

But that is the classic, easy way.  It is time to grow up and become an adult.  As I left the core of the Labyrinth, I heard “you are becoming who you already are.”  This was repeated over and over.  Then I realized I HAVE always been who I am, just like you have always been here.  I was just hiding from myself and never knew it.  So now it is, if it gonna be, it is all on and about me.  I choose to hold on to the power Spirit raises in me.

How does this relate to the holidays?   We are conditioned to do things the way we remember, even if it is not accurate.  Sometimes it not even the way things were for us, it’s those before us that set the stage from their own experiences.  We grow up as kids loving the holiday. We get to play with cousins and friends with less supervision than usual. And then all the food and desserts!  There may be lots of gifts, and those envelopes with money in the cards, we pretend to read, because it would be rude to open it to just see how much we got.  All the while, the adults are either having a ball or so stressed about everything they look like they will explode.

Then as we grow we are trained to make the holidays a great big to-do about everything except connecting with each other & celebrating Spirit.  Spending money is now the holiday spirit.  But what do we really gain from all the money spent?  More importantly, why do we feel so compelled to overdo it?

I believe it is time for some new tradition.  When we make our free time about what we are grateful for, we open the door to real Joy. I can still remember all the stress that has come with the holiday throughout the years.  It was one of the most peaceful moments in my life when I realized did not want to pass it on or continue with it. So I did — I changed how we looked at the holidays, along with why and how we celebrate them.

In 2008 I woke up with a plan.  My son’s 6th birthday was a week before Christmas.  This always led to the “GIVE ME MORE MONSTER.” So this year I took him to the store and told him to pick out the most important toy he wanted for Christmas.  It was a Star Wars light saber!  Oh, the joy on his face as he put it in the basket.  I explained to him how blessed he was and he agreed.  I then told him that we were not doing gifts this year: “There are countless little boys that have nothing and don’t get even the hugs and kisses you do.  This year we are going find a little boy just like you who doesn’t have any toys, and we are going to give this toy to him.”  He was shocked at first, but started thinking about some kids he knew that really did not have what he had.  Understand we live on a budget and love shopping sales, but even with our little we can do big things.  He started getting excited about giving to this unknown child. He would say proudly when asked, what do you want for Christmas? “Oh I don’t get presents this year — I am going to be giving them instead”.  We made our birthdays about ourselves, and the holidays about connecting with and giving to other. In this instance, he realized that he had the power to do good for someone else.  He rose to the occasion, and took ownership of becoming a Giver.

In the same year, after taking my parents to the airport at 6 am on Christmas, my son and I were amazed at the emptiness of our city.   We were quickly saddened by those who were out on the streets on Christmas Day, the unseen homeless.  My son saw a disheveled man who was walking with his possessions, and wanted to give him something.  All I had a few snacks in the car, so we got them together, pulled the car over and rolled down the window.  What happened next changed me forever.  My six-year-old, in a strong, clear voice calls out, “Excuse me sir, we don’t have a lot but we want you to have it, so you won’t be hungry.  Merry Christmas, sir.” The gentleman comes to the car, looks my son in the eyes, and with a most amazing smile, says, “thank you and GOD bless.”  He starts to sing and dance like we had given him a million dollars.  I already knew the power of gratefulness and giving: it is truly the best.  It was my 6-year-old’s reaction that brought it home; from the back of the car I hear little happy sounds erupting.

“MOM, MOM!” he starts to squeal, “Something is happening to me!”

I answer, “What love, what is it?”

“MOM — my whole body feels really warm and tingly — I think I am going to explode with excitement and happiness!”

“Oh, Love,” I said, “you are experiencing the love and joy of giving, that is what Christmas is really about.”

He squealed happily, “I like it a lot!”

It was then we decided to make Christmas about others and giving.  Now every year since, we fill bags with food, then at sunrise drive around looking for those who are need. That gentleman received the best gift, better than a million dollars.  He was seen, and given what we all hunger for the most, Love. But so did we, the gift of compassion and Love that filled us was priceless.

We miss the point if we think the looks on our children’s faces are real when they open that gift they had to have. If we feel by getting them the most expensive item, we did it this year. These moments will be forgotten with time and the next big gift. We forget that it is about touching the heart, that’s what matters.

When we got home to celebrate our Giving Christmas, there was a surprise under the tree with a note from Santa. It explained the joy that was felt that he would choose to give up what he wanted to bring joy to another.  That there was no greater gift to get, than the one he had given himself:  “Please enjoy this present as you continue to grow in to a powerful young man”.  The look on my son’s face was priceless — he picked up the gift and ripped it open —  TWO Star Wars light sabers!  Now he always would have one to share.   He got the WII that year as well, as we have family members that believe he must-have a big-ticket item.  But if you ask him which Christmas was your favorite, he will share this story of the time he learned to Give with you.

Let’s end the year doing it differently.  That way we can start the new year the same way.  The food will get cooked: do a potluck.  Have your kids do something — peanut butter graham crackers, yummy.  Breathe!  Everyone sharing the load, no one person(hopefully unless they are choosing to) having to do it all.  If you do find yourself having to do it all; make it yours and take out the stresses.  Breathe!  This year play with the kids, laugh when the drama pops their head in, and choose to love it all.  Get out the house if you can and visit some friends too. Make paper finger Labyrinths and meditate. It is always our choice to spend our time our way, and an hour passes so quickly.  This year, make it yours, and open the present!  Sending LOVE!

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The DVC Youth Foundation’s Mission 

(Divine Vision Center for Healing and Self Discovery)Ali Boy

The mission for DVC Youth is to EMPOWER the YOUTH.  It is to awaken the fire in the younger generations and create THINKERS.  Creating an environment where true thinking is encouraged and inspired.  Where imagination is elevated and celebrated through reading, discussion and goal writing.  It is our mission to assist participants to reach their highest goal and create bigger than life dreams.  We understand that this could branch out to other members of the family.  We are open to those that are open to grow and show the highest level of respect for the process.

Using the dynamic teaching that lead me to the truth and fueled the creation of thought therapy, we will develop fertile foundations which seeds can be planted. The goal being the seed, as we plant the seed and continue to water and give them light they will become amazing a fruitful plant that will grow into someone that will change this world.

“It is easier to build strong children than to repair broken men.” – Frederick Douglass

The DVC focus….

We are excited to work with young men and women from the ages of 13 to 25.

With your help we will be able to fund the following.

·         Supply all the books for the youths that participate.
·         Offering audiobooks for individuals that need reading support.
·         Securing powerful awards and rewards for our youth to strive towards.
·         The operational cost and needs behind the scenes.
·         To insure the Vision of Creating THINKERS… SOARS and Grow worldwide!

Our ever growing book list…..

☆As a man thinketh by James Allen
☆The Science of Getting Rich by Wallace D. Wattles
☆The Strangest Secret by Earl Nightingale
☆Do You!: 12 Laws to Access the Power in You to Achieve Happiness and ☆Success by Russell Simmons
☆Lead the field by Earl Nightingale
☆Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill
☆Super Rich by Russell Simmons
☆The Four Agreements a personal guide to personal freedom by Don Miguel Ruiz
☆The Alchemist by Pablo Coelho
☆The Three Magic Words by Uell Stanley Anderson
☆Success Through Stillness by Russell Simmons
☆The Secret of the Ages by Robert Collier
☆Outwitting the Devil by Napoleon Hill
☆Think and Grow Rich: A Black Choice by Dennis Kimbro & Napoleon Hill

Why is this so important?

As a child I had huge dreams and a very active imagination.  The world around me did not always encourage this gift.  I woke up and realized I was slowly dying for fear and being controlled by thoughts that weren’t even my own.  As I awoke up to the power of my intentional thoughts, I started sharing the message with my son.  It became obvious to me that due to a disconnection to Spirit and silence, thinking was not taking place. I had to do something to create an opportunity to teach powerful intentional thinking. By teaching this natural right I will have given the gift of true creation and freedom. Thank you for joining me in this Divine Vision.  Your support is greatly appreciated.

Please check out my GO Fund Me.

As a single footstep will not make a path on the earth, so a single thought will not make a pathway in the mind. To make a deep physical path, we walk again and again. To make a deep mental path, we must think over and over the kind of thoughts we wish to dominate our lives.
Henry David Thoreau

Still Discovering Me


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I am amazed how easy it is to get inspired or disillusioned by a great conversation. I know personally due to the void within myself from my past, as I identify areas needing to be healed I start to think the issues are of the past. So not true!!! Because I grew up thinking I was unworthy & ugly, when I got attention from others focusing on my looks…I would get a short term rush. It was that high that fades to fast because it is shallow! It’s only that which reaches deep that last!!! True but there is still the habit of seeking when you are low… I posted relationships are either Destiny or Distraction!! How do you know??? We can form friendships with others, we can find that perfect LOVER but is that really going to do it??? I am finding that again the finger points back to me. Recently I was blessed with some very amazing words and reminded that many see. I became like a child in a candy store & slowly like a bull in a china shop. What I realized is that even with all the work I’ve done with finding myself, my Spiritual awakening & life change actions, the mishandled little girl is still present & can come out unexpected. I must stay focused on building strong relationships that allow Spirit, I also need to be mindful of the pain that is still present. I know it is time to build my Destiny with other people who are ready to go deep. Tonight I am grateful for everyone in my life… I am sending you all LOVE… I am also surrounding my Little Girl because she still finds it hard to believe she can be loved & admired… Today is a new day I hope you go deep to find where the freedom key fits. Sending LOVE

Will the healthy EGO PLEASE rise! Will the healthy EGO PLEASE rise! Will the healthy EGO PLEASE rise!



It may seems easy but really it’s painful to live in the shadows. Do the work & break free to let your light shine BRIGHT!

Do you know someone who will bend over backwards to help those around them.  They are that friend or just a person that when you are in need they will be there, even at times at the cost of their own needs/wants.  Yet, they seem to have to justify or they are uncomfortable doing good things for themselves.  What a blessing they are and so selfless.  We are taught about the perils of selfishness from the time we are small, don’t be selfish SHARE!  No one likes a selfish person!  So what about those who end up OVER SHARING?  How about the selfless individual that has the halo of master giver above their head, what about them? To really understand what I am about to jump in to first we must know the definition of what we are looking at.  I found these definitions on Google so we can be on the same page with the meaning.  With all things, a strong foundation starts with communication, so we can understand. The topic we are going to look at is the unhealthy EGO.


©       A person’s sense of self-esteem or self-importance

©       Self: your consciousness of your own identity

©       The part of the mind that mediates between the conscious and the unconscious and is responsible for reality testing and a sense of personal identity

©       An overly high opinion of oneself

©       An inflated feeling of pride in your superiority to others

With the selfish individual we know EGO is alive and well.  There seems to be very little thought of others feelings or needs in their choices and behaviors.  The “Me, Myself & I” is very present, as well as the negative attitudes that go along with it.  We see the lack of patience, compassion, understanding, and willing ness to give or be flexible.   The truth is the EGO is alive and well in the selfless person also, we just never or rarely address it.  Or like me, we have to have an A-ha moment to open our eyes to what was a wolf hided in sheep’s clothing.

It is easy to see the selfish EGO because you can see or feel the offensive actions of the person.  Usually the actions stem from greed, pride, hate, fear, envy and just the negative emotions we humans dwell in.  We all know people with these attributes who have had success in their lives, yet seem to be missing the joy in their spirit.  Their Ego serves the purpose of getting them what they want, when and how they want it. The definition that best fits these folks would be: An inflated feeling of pride in your superiority to others.   Here is where it gets tricky when we address the selfless individual’s attacks from EGO.  It’s hard to imagine someone so giving, so selfless full of EGO.   How could it possibly be, the two don’t add up.  Well it is and it really is the wolf in sheep’s clothing in two different forms.

I was having a conversation with my best friend about a movie called “Hotel Rwanda”  I mentioned I have never seen it.  My comment was met with shock & dismay.   I explained that I knew what was taking place and the human suffering was more that I could bear to watch for entertainment purposes.  I told a story about a movie “Dry White Season” a gruesomely graph movie on South Africa’s apartheid.  I explained how I would only see it once and I do not watch movies based on human suffering as I became teary thinking about some of the scenes.  Then the comment was made that my emotions were my EGO.  What? GASP!  As I was reeling from the shock of the words, I heard just Kidding.  Now my EGO would have liked me to hold on to that and let it go.  But Spirit rose up in me as I realized it was true.   My emotions are my EGO, the tool used to discombobulate (I always wanted to use this word) me.  I had to sit in that for a moment and really digest it.  This is when I identified the first form of EGO.  It is the self destructive form.  It is the internal chatter that continues to pull us from the truth of Spirit.  I never stopped to think how my over analyzing and highly emotional thoughts could be keeping me from my purpose.  Yet it does, it paralyzes me from not just moving forward, but moving at all.  It keeps me caged in fear of being free, wishing one day I might find the courage.  Funny thing about this form of EGO, it allows for dreaming as its cover.  It is Vision without knowing, belief, or faith.  If you believe you are unworthy you will never buy in to the dream, you will just spend time wishing as you window shop.  The Law of Attraction works when your knowing is so strong, that your vision creates your goals.  Which lead to your action of creating your outcome that is your success!  When you can’t live without it and you live as though it is already there, because you are it.  Truth is as we learn to leave the lies behind and grew LOVE for all, you become free.  For example if you have been disrespected and you allow Ego in, it will derail you.  All that chatter that was devaluing us can turn in to rage against another.  In the action of the disrespect, one should understand it has nothing to do with you unless you are doing the disrespecting.  It is their inner turmoil that causes the break down in them.  It is your willingness to take it personal that allows you to be affected by it.  So do you join it or heal it? Realizing it not about me I am free to see me clearly, and fixes what beliefs are holding me back.  I feel it, then let I go so I can know true freedom.  It a new way, that comes from loving one’s self.

The second form of the selfless EGO is found in the needed of approval.  This one fits with both personalities.  But look very different to the outside world.  Whether selfish or selfless we all want one thing LOVE!  We all want that stamp of approval.  It comes down to how we get it.  When I first move out to here I used to drive 2 ½ hrs round trip to get Popeye’s chicken for my Dad, I would have done anything for him to show me what I thought Love should look like.  For him it was cool, he was getting chicken he liked.  I doubt he ever knew how emotional expensive that chicken really was.  That’s the point where the selfless EGO is quite destruction.  It’s all those unhealthy silent conversation with yourself and the Dreamy ego that derail us.  “Oh he will be so happy when you get home, wait and see! He’s gonna say you’re the best daughter ever and you will finally feel whole & Loved!”  So now I am using chicken to buy approval & affection from my Dad.  Now that’s Selfless and so giving.  Please understand I am not ripping in to myself, I am speaking the truth.    The truth is we should only be focused on our own approval of self.  It is in that space that we feel peace and at one with Spirit knowing that we are home in ourselves.  My Dad is who he is and it hurts me & him when I create a fantasy that he will never live up to.   This is how the Ego destroys us and keeps us from the promise that lays waiting for us in the Spirit.  What an amazing gift to give to be giving not because you want someone to praise you.  The sad thing it starts at a very young age.  It is this Ego that has us believing the lies that we can’t, we aren’t, or they don’t.  It is the epitome of low self esteem.

It is the low self esteem and fear that kept us from living our purpose.  It was the lies that continue us on a road of emptiness.  In the movie Avatar the Navi people are pure Spirit.  They live connected to all that was before and now is all around them; showing nothing but the highest level of respect & love for every movement.  They live free of EGO within the home tree where LOVE flows.  We can be in that place too, where we see ourselves and others.  Where there is no them and we can live with honesty about who we really are.  I use to believe I had to jump through hoops for others to just like and accept me.  Why would anyone love me if I don’t see myself or even love myself?    It is the need for this approval that can also blind us to the greatness & gift of other. We are so busy running to the front of the line to be the ONE, unknowingly we are stepping on everyone’s toes as we go, all too just be seen. Truly the hardest thing is to be invisible, especially when it is all in your own mind.   It is that fantasy of how it should look that we get trapped in. This is why TV can be dangerous food for us and destructive fuel for Ego.  We get false visions of how wonderful it would be if I had, if I was and detach from what is US. In the quite with the cameras off they still cry from the same emptiness and lack.  When I realized my drive to be the ‘ONE” who shined the brightest was so I would get the attention I was craving, it was a wakeup call.  I’m still the “One” but now I am filled with a healthy self image.  I’m no longer looking outside of myself to find what is perfectly placed already within.  Before I need others to like/love me so I could confirm that I was worthy of Love.  If someone showed a sign of disapproval, I would need to go to work on winning them over.  Next I would get ready for the compromising of self, the guilt, the disappointment & justification of being missed used.  I was freed when I realized love always feels loving & delicious.  I no longer need to buy affection because now I am giving it to myself freely.  It is the most amazing place to be.  Plus the more I let the love flow the more surrounded I become with it.

One of my favorite movies is the Way of the Peaceful Warrior.  I Love the bell tower scene.   It is the best visual depiction of the battle we all have waging inside when ego is attacking us.  I wish we all could have that experience to really come face to face clearly with what we need to let go of.  Having a guide who knows how to Love us and teach us with LOVE, wow what a blessing that is.  Having someone who is detached from our past can be very useful just because the emotional bondage is not there.  Knowing our history is important, understanding where it all started is important not for the purpose of blame, but to heal and create a new beginning.    I could see the pattern as I went through my family history.  I also gained a ton of compassion for those who walked the painful road for me to have the blessings I have experienced.  If they didn’t know how to love themselves they could have never taught it.  If their foundation was fear and pain they could only give what they knew.  Some of the stories I have heard all the way to the stories I can personally can tell seem harsh.  The truth is that when of our parents set out to raise us, the intentions were to do better than what was done to or for them.  Now there are those that grew up with someone that was mentally ill or just disconnected, but again the desire was for love to shine with most.  All the riches or the pain is just a part of the legacy past down, that most have no idea it can be stopped.  I learned it was never about what was in me, it was about what was broken in them.  I started to recognize it when I became a mom.  As we become more aware we start to see with new eye. This was the biggest gift, to find a way past the pain and the lies, to true freedom.  I am free in a way I have never been before and I love like I never knew possible.  That which is not personal I will not pick up and carry.  If work is pointed out I need to attend to, I will get to it and make the changes needed are made.   Otherwise I will not carry what is not true or Love.

Ego, EGO, ego, is it just really all that bad all the time; only when it is unhealthy and the headliner.  Go back and reread the first 3 definitions.  I could cut and paste but the time is now to start doing the work to find your truth.  The first three definitions are essential for our well being and healthy connection to Spirit.  The goal is to get to a place where you are a healthy balance of selfless and selfish; where you intentionally care for the body, mind, soul, and Spirit.  When one of these is out of alignment your world will show it.  Here are four easy steps to stay in balance.  I say easy meaning easy to follow yet takes commitment to do.

  1. The body:  Eat right( good proteins, high fiber, fresh veggies and fruits, yes healthy fats and very very low sugar)   Drink lots of water(limit your other liquids or at least be conscience of what you ingest) Exercise( do some cardio, walk,  swim or dance use your heart love it!  Lift some weights keep your muscles strong so they can hold you when you’re older)
  2. The Mind:  Learn and Do (learn about something new or go explore the world.  Stretch your mind to new possibilities) Read or Write(turn off the TV and find a way for your mind to create new visions)
  3. The Soul:  LOL (live out loud, laugh out loud, and most important LOVE OUT LOUD.  The soul needs love! To get it you must be willing to give it. If you don’t have people you can shower find a case you are passionate about and shower those who love what you love with your love.  There can never be too much LOVE.) 
  4. The Spirit:  CONNECT TO THE LIFE LINE!  (There are many different beliefs on what this is and how it should look. What I know for me is this is a very intimate place that I hold sacred like my Grand Mama’s words). Meditate (quite your mind and your world around you to hear the whisper of the Spirit. Ask questions and you will hear the answer in the still quite) Sleep (This is essential to whole life wellness, in our dreams we let go, we work out and we connect to get recharged.  Do it without the TV on, if it is hard to fall asleep listen to a peaceful CD or Audio book that will touch the spirit.  Learn to meditate there are some wonderful CD’s out now.  I get sleepy when I read, so I get one of my favorite books “the Seven Truth of Life” by Senghor Pope and I read.  I tier quickly but as I am falling asleep my mind is filled with healthy empowering thoughts which lead to a great nights rest.

So take thirty day to start a new life for yourself.  Start one new thing every thirty days, while continuing with the new you.  Ego is not scary if we get in balance and keep it all in check.  I send you the Love I am enjoying.  Make today the day and choose Love.  Sending You Love!

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Written by:

Michelle LLC

Transformational Life Coach & Healer

Founder & Owner of:  The Divine Vision Center for Healing and Self Discovery

Winter to Spring…. In Love


Finding the light inside is already on, is even better than the 1st kiss. Shine bright & see the LOVE in you!

As winter comes to an end, life returns to what appeared to be dead weeks earlier.  I am finding this to be true in me also as I come into my own self awareness.  Walking this journey of healing & self discovery has truly been amazing.  There has been laughter, fear, sadness, gallons of tears, oceans of LOVE and so much more.  It is the scariest thing to stand naked with your eyes wide open in front of a mirror looking at yourself honestly.  Yet, after awhile if you have the right tools and support you start to love what you see and work on what you don’t.  It’s because YOU have to stop hiding, come out and be seen to get everything in good working order.  It is through this you will increase your A-Ha moments in your life.

I was sitting alone thinking I want to get dressed up and go out, to be seen and admired!  Let me back up and explain, through my decision to intentionally live in LOVE.  I am now always honest with myself about what and why I am thinking or doing something.   I wanted be admired, yes given attention.  It was after all Friday night.  I have those in my life that do regularly give me some form of attention, that’s not what I was wanting.  The thing is, while I wanted to experience the rush, a huge cloud of shame came over me.  Ladies maybe some of you can relate, I realized that the shame I was feeling was uncalled for.  It was from early beliefs put in to my mind about how I should see me and how other see me.  Good and respectable girls don’t act like that.  I have spent my life healing and allowing Spirit, body, soul and mind to grow.  But come to find out I have been suppressing a major part of me that will no longer be silent!  My Sensuality /Sexuality have been locked up because of shame and fear.  It is a deep human desire to want the affection, attention, and connection from the opposite.  Truth is when I think of a beautiful man I get weak inside.  So just imagine what happens if he shows interest that is a boost for sure.  It is human nature designed to keep the planet populated.  Yet here I find myself again with a hang up over what should be natural.   So what do I do with this? How do I free myself of the false good girl image and live on the path that is healthy for me?

Here is what I realized, I am a woman.  I need to be Loved, desired, held, caressed, listen to, flattered and that just cover the bare basics.  My best friend asked me about my blue print.  I had never heard that before, but it makes perfect sense.  The connection between a man and a woman should not be filled with traps.  We should know what we do and don’t like.  We should also share so our partner/Lover can use their time wisely and add it to our blueprint.  I do believe that we should be settling down with one and creating strong stable foundation.  Let me be clear I am not looking to free us from our healthy and loving core values and suggest we go live in the red light district.  I am stopping the self persecution when a healthy normal desire arises to experience pleasure of any kind.  It is excellent to want and experience the passion that is felt between two when they enter into that place where time stop and they are the only two that exist.  I’m not the only one that enjoys the excitement of new eye candy and being eye candy for that delicious Spirit across the way.  I admit allowing the fantasy of what could be can, can make my legs Jell-O.  Yes I know this is feeding me at a primal level.  But that is the point it exists in all of us whether we acknowledge it or not.  It does not mean YOU run out and acting on it or you are becoming unenlightened slut. YES I KNOW I WILL BE JUDGED FOR THIS….. WHO CARE!  I AM CHOOSING TO LIVING FREE OF SHAME & FEAR!  Yes this is the honesty that must be and stay present for you to live authentically.

The rush that comes when we do get that attention again is normal.  Unless we are blind to the world around us we can’t help but notice it and delight in it.  The desire to go outside for attention decreases or can altogether disappears when we have it in our life, in our relationship, with our mate. This is why the types of relationships we invest in and build are crucial.  Oh believe me I have seen… well let me stop there, think of your ideal Oh my GOODNESS.  You are out together for the evening; while there is a lustful spark you really have nothing in common.  We then fight to build a house together on sand all along feeling things are missing especially once the excitement of construction is over.  Instead of being authentic & honest about who we are, we perform a dance that leads to emptiness.  If they see the real me or when we become the real us, everyone becomes shocked and dismayed.  Here is the key!  If we are HONEST with ourselves about us, we can then be honest with the world outside of us.  Building our home on a solid foundation means we have our best friend side of us.   To feel passion with the person who loves you the most in the world is one of the most amazing Gift Spirit has to offer.  As people we compromise so much for so little. Getting the BIG house, expense car, the trophy spouse and the perfect looking kids is the main objective.  Instead the focus should be finding our Best friend, building our dream together from the floor up and staying grounded.  If we truly followed Spirit, the Gifts would blow us away.  So I now am ready to be LOVED because I LOVE me.  Ask yourself the why’s, what’s and how’s, take the time to understand where it all starts and why you do what you do.  Then move intentionally in LOVE starting with the LOVE you have for you.  Again you will be blown away with the abundant blessings awaiting you.  I know I have been!  SENDING LOVE!

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Written by:

Michelle LongC

Transformational Life Coach & Healer

Founder & Owner of:  The Divine Vision Center for Healing and Self Discovery

Love’s Words

"Divine Vision"

Never ignore a Vision, it may be Divine!

Have you ever had an experience where someone, some place, or something brings you so much joy you can’t get enough and you wish time would stand still?  A lot of the times there are deep connections in this world that should not be ignored.   Those moments where we are filled with joy are moments we have allowed ourselves to open up to flow.  As I watch a little angel who is about 1 1/2 dance today, I thought; wow that is what flowing in the energy of pure love looks like.   While Love is always flowing, we don’t always feel it surrounding us.   It is important to know that moments where we feel sadness or pain are moments given as gift to practice Love.  For me I know I grown from all my pain.  It takes a lot of work to heal.   It means you are stopping and looking in the mirror.  Those in our lives who stand up in support of us to propel us in to the LOVE they always carry for us, when sadly we have forgotten to show it to ourselves.  They are a blessing that we regularly over look.  I say over and over focus on your thoughts; it is the FOUNDATION for everything.  It is the foundation, but it isn’t everything, there is more to it.  The roots are your spoken words writing deeply in the earth.   This is why knowing where your places of joy lives is critical.  That is how we arm ourselves with the right tools for success and keep from being uprooted.

Positive thoughts are you flowing with the Spirit.  So imagine what your positive words are doing!  I’m a great example of a person living in a cage.  No matter how beautiful the cage is, it’s still a CAGE, as multiple friends have reminded me.  If you will imagine a Dynamic Lioness growling as she walks back in forth in her almost real life, is she in celebration of her gratefulness?   There are three meals, a roof, companions, children and consistency; what’s more could she want?  Maybe it not what she wants that should be the focus but more importantly what she needs;  her freedom to hunt, run free, to find her voice and follow it.   Does that mean if you are hungry for more that you are not grateful?  Not at all, It just means you are filled with desire to live in the flow.  When the flow is blocked pressure builds.  As pressure build the outcome will be determined by how big the block is.  If it small the pressure for change is also small, but if that pressure is big change is coming and it is going to be big. There are a lot of reasons for your flow to be blocked. While it is important to identify the blockage, it is even more important not to get fixated on the blockage.  Know the why only to know what you need to let go of and so you can heal so you can stop the cycle.

Just a word to the wise!  As you move in to your flow you will find your circle will change.  People you believed would always be by your side will leave.  You will also find people unexpectedly will show and step up.  Be open to the unexpected. Don’t be shaken by those who can’t handle your transformation.  Most likely you were compatible because they too were broken.  Show them love, even if you need to put space between you.  The more I Love me the easier it is becoming to give it and not take their pain personal.  The way I came to this was with my thoughts and my words.  I was spending too much time complaining about and creating what I didn’t want.   Now I work hard to watch the words I speak.  I still vent out frustrations, I just don’t sit and hang out there.  I also spend time finding good things about the situation so I am flowing.  Some could say it’s turning the cheek, I say it is being intentional with the fuel you are burning. If you become a champion of healthy self chatter and spoken word, you better get ready.  If I spend my time speaking and thinking on the behaviors of other, I lose that time I need to create what is good for me.  It comes back to speaking the blockage free.  Speaking your desire with passion is much more productive.

Here are a few activities you can do to get started now.

  • Write down the things in your life that you spend time complaining about.  Identify the things you have the power to change and set goals to change them.  Then intentionally release the rest.
  • Create a mantra that you can repeat to help keep yourself rooted.  Ie. “ I am grateful I know how to create the moment I want right now” or “ I am surrounded with Love”
  • If someone upsets you, find 2 things positive about them and the situation.
  • Make a playlist of your happy music.
  • Come up with some things on your own.
  • Smile!

June 2010 Maxwell is performing in Atlanta, Ga.  I am with my girl and we are having a blast just hanging out.  She gets wind of the concert and the wheels start to move.  We jumped through hoop after hoop to get the tickets for this concert.  We hit a road block when the person with the ticket didn’t have the ticket we were promised.  I saw the volcano about to erupt in my girl; it was trifling, as we were told there is good news & bad news.  Bad there are no tickets for you.  Good news is you can do something else.  Now I know, in most situations a comment like that will leave you with some teeth on the floor.  Yet, I am new and improved.  I shared with my girl she was right with the good new, WE CAN DO SOMETHING ELSE!  I told my girl worry not it will work out better than we could ever plan. That became our motto for the rest of the trip was “JUST DO SOMETHING ELSE!”  With a little encouragement we let it go and decided what will be will be.  Like I said what was, ended up better than anything we could have planned ourselves.  We got the tickets for $40 instead of $115.  Then because they blacked-out an area we got moved closer and center.  Know you can get more love with Loving thoughts and words.  We then got an opportunity to go to the V.I.P. section to watch Maxwell even closer and in better seats yet!  We had a ball!  Not just that night but the days leading up to the concert.  We changed our thoughts and our conversation to the positive, which made a difference.  We became open because we were willing to let go and flow.  I will not pretend this is easy at first, try it for thirty day and see how your life will change and doors fly open.  Sending you and yours LOVE!

The Beginning of a New Year….

Don’t silence your Roar!

August is my birthday month. Oh yes I am a LEO and filled with Fire.  Outside of the Lion being my symbol and my favorite animal, and how the characteristic seem to fit me, I don’t spend much time with Astrology.   I admit I Read the occasional horoscope for fun. So when I read this I was not only floored, but burst-ed in to tears. To understand why, you must know that I call 2011 the Year of Cleaning and this was and is my 2011 new year resolution: This speaks to my spirit.  Everything is changing and it is time to truly be a grown-up.  Thank you 2010 for all the memories, I will not forget those who are free.  I welcome 2011 with open arms.  I will live authentically.  I will surround myself with those who will love, honor, respect, and choose to see me.  I will not live without the freedom to live out loud!  I wish the same for all who see this and all that don’t.  Enjoy 2011.  

This week my Soul Sista sent me this email. At first I only saw the first paragraph, it just got deeper as I read.  I truly felt my soul open Spirit fill me with Peace & Love.  I hope you enjoy the words that spoke to me.

Astrology Forecast for August, 2011 by Tom Lescher on Friday, July 29, 2011 at 7:54pm

The year of 2011 will be remembered as the year of the “Liberation of the Self.”  While this may sound wonderful, the actual nitty gritty process of identifying and cutting the cords, knots, and chains (many self-created), that have held us bound is not fun.  Looking at the broader picture we may see 2010 as us becoming aware of both what we needed/desired and/or what was missing, in our lives.  Now 2011comes along and it is time to slash and burn and make room for the creation of that which we identified and wish to now create.  2012, then, will include the process of binding together that which has been torn asunder in a new, “heightened”, shall we say ecstatic, state.  We could say that in 2010 we watched a new dance from the sidelines and perhaps tried a step or two of it for a brief time (tripping up now and then).  In 2011 we have to go off alone with a teacher or two and learn the steps to the dance so we don’t trip up like we did in 2010.  Finally, in 2012 we will have the opportunity to get back out on that dance floor and strut our stuff (provided of course that we learned our steps)!

If we then narrow down our dance experience to that of just 2011 we will see that the beginning of this year was the time to begin our lessons, meet new teachers (partners perhaps), break up and go off alone to “get it” ourselves on a deeper level.  It was time to step up and step out, raise our hand and say “Yeah! Pick Me, I’m Ready for something NEW!”  As the spring rolled into summer we got picked, and now is the time to stand up, deal with the fear, the embarrassment, the insecurity, and everything that comes up as we stand alone trying to “Dance, Partner, DANCE!”

It may at times be difficult to remember that this is a “fun” experience, this learning how to dance and then doing it!  Some may like a basketball game as a better example…. But one way or the other the idea is that we need to make a determined effort to grow, train, discipline, or evolve ourselves INWARDLY in order to participate in our relationships, dances, or games at a higher, more liberating and exciting level.  You simply can’t participate in the major league unless you know your “stuff”.  In other words, you can’t experience the power, the intensity, the ecstasy, or the nectar of the flower without learning how to fly like a bee first.  And the process of learning can be a grueling, painful, lonely, and frustrating experience.

So now we come to the particular month of August.  This is a particularly irregular month with spikes of highs and lows, pressure points and pleasure zones.  The month begins with Mercury going retrograde (2-26) and Mars going into Cancer on the 3rd.  Herein lies the rub….. Mars is fire, heat, passion, and desire while Cancer is sensitive, introverted, and seeking emotional security.  When you put these two together, which we have all month…. It spells out the need for each of us to fight for our emotional needs, to stand for ourselves, perhaps by ourselves, cut the cords that have nourished, supported, or in other ways held us up in the past, and become big boys and girls (ouch!).  And, if that wasn’t enough, we need to do this ourselves without any help, and not even “knowing” (in a logical, rational way that we can explain) if we should! No mom or dad there telling us anymore, and if they are it’s probably time to talk back to them!

I say this because particularly the 8-10th and again the 23-26th are intense time periods when we will need to act (perhaps quickly) to preserve, secure, or defend/liberate ourselves and we will need to TRUST ourselves, our instincts, our intuitions, and our bodies, in order to take the right steps down the right course toward a future as yet unseen.  We must be autonomous, stand alone, and learn our own unique part (identity) in order to play the specific role designed especially for us before we were born.  To suppress, deny, or avoid change at these times is miss an important opportunity and to perhaps remain on the sidelines of the future all-star game kicking yourself for caving into fear and panic.  These will be times to take decisive action to preserve your integrity, perhaps protect yourself from harm, and on the positive side, begin taking the first few steps of the dance and feeling the power of love/life course through those veins!

Now let us look to all the support (heavenly that is) coming to our aid and rescue, inspiring and inviting us forward with the promise of great fun in the process as well as the “endgame”.  We have the Sun moving through Leo, hand in hand with Venus all the way, and joined from the 13-20th by Mercury for a threesome.  Leo is “ruled” by the Sun, the Core, the Center, the Source of our vitality, power, and life force.  It stands behind us and within us, ever encouraging us to be true to ourselves, to laugh at the game of life, to rise above the petty concerns to our rightful throne of King and Queen, sovereign and dignified.  At the very least these days will bring a calm within the storm and at best a dramatic performance of what we have been practicing all year!

Underlining the need to individualize, make our own choices, and break away from “the pack” this month is Mercury retrograde (2-26).  This indicates a time when we need to think (Mercury) independently (retrograde) for ourselves (Leo).  When a planet goes retrograde it is in a powerful state of individualizing, which prompts revelation, reflection, rebellion, revolution, renunciation, redo, restructure, rebuild….. the list goes on and on.  The important point to remember is that when we review our situation we take into account the new info, the new perspective, and the personal, inward revelations that are ever possible with inner work, monitoring and self-observation.

There is a shift in the energy after the 23rd with the 24th being a high peak period of change for the month (after the 9/10th!).  The Sun transitions into Virgo, and along with Venus is opposite Neptune/Chiron.  All this fire and water that has been steaming up the windows all month begins to have healing effects like a hot yoga class.  It may take some blood, sweat, and tears, but you will be more flexible, strong, and in your body than you were before you took the class!  Take some time to breathe, relax, and integrate some of the charges/changes that have required such strong will, determination, and fortitude through these days of self-definition.

In the end, our lives are what we have made of them.  The choices that we make, the love we withhold or share, the connections we make and break all serve to weave the tapestry that is US when we die.  To not make a choice is to make an unconscious choice, to not love or connect is to not weave our thread into the larger tapestry of humanity.  This month is an opportune time to dye your thread the exact color that you want, put it through the needle and begin weaving the masterpiece you wish your life to be.  While you may stick yourself a few times, bleed, cuss, and swear, it is important to move on, carry on, carry forward to experience the sweetness, the love, and the honor of a dance well done, a game well played, a tapestry unlike any other completely and beautifully YOU.


Powerful days of change (and they CAN be POWERFUL!) are:  3, 9-10, 13, 21, 24-25, 30th

Is Blood thicker than Water? Love covers them both!

How well rooted is your family tree?

When one thinks about family, we would like to think of love, support, and it’s where our strong foundation starts. Recently over the summer I spent time with family. One group was rooted deep in strong soil that makes a strong foundation.  I’m always amazed; the moment I’m in their presences I feel peace.  I know there are those that have feelings of disconnection within the family and they have family secrets, we all do.  I know they are not perfect, but the foundation that was built was one of love & support. On the other hand, the other group always leaves me wondering why I bother to plug-in.  I use to feel that being me was defiantly not good enough. While their intentions may be good there was never that knowing that they will support me in whatever I do.  It was best to keep my dreams to myself.  In all families there is a legacy passed down, it is a family blessing or a curse.  This got me thinking about who we are, how we act and how our family is a huge part of this.  The idea that blood is thicker than water is relative to the family you have been born into. In The Four Agreements, by Don Miguel Ruiz, He talks about how we come in to this life with our beliefs already in tacked.  We did not choose our name, our gender, and our family belief system.  Families are all different because they are based on the belief system of the top members.  These beliefs are then based off their individual experiences & foundation they grew from.  It may seem like a no brainer that leaving your infant unattended outside of a store while you eat or shop would be unacceptable. But if you are from Iceland this is common practice to ensure your baby gets fresh air.  Were you ready to judge?  This difference in belief could burn a bridge for you instead of building one.  I was having a discussion with a trusted & well-respected friend, because we had had to very different childhood experiences we see thing differently at time.  The great thing is because we both have dealt with the fact that our beliefs may be incomplete we are still able to hear & learn from each other.  It made me realized that as we get older we can choose our family, from those who love us & will always support us with honesty.

Where am I going with this? Everyday we make decisions that stem from our beliefs.  We judge people and ourselves from this same place.  We live our lives in fear or love from this same place.  Do you know without a shadow of a doubt you can do anything you put your mind to?  Are you riddled with worry, fear, and self hate?  Where did this start and when or how does it end? I know that when we come from a place where we are encouraged to soar, we do!  But if those around us are caged how can they teach us to live free.  I have struggled with self-image and believing I have what it takes to succeed for years.  The problem with this is if I don’t feel I am worthy, will I fight for the best in my life.  When an opportunity knocks why would I answer if I don’t see me?  This is why I have over and over again sabotage my success.  It is mental bondage and many of us are bound by unhealthy beliefs and don’t even know it.  When we wake up in the morning we have already planned our day, just like when we see people we already have the label ready to go.  We are always going to have lessons to learn and areas to grow, but we decide how we are going to look at the world around us.  Definition: rose-colored glasses if someone thinks about or looks at something with rose-colored glasses, they think it is more pleasant than it really is.  I think this idiom needs to stop having a negative connotation.  We should redefine it as someone who chooses to find the blessing even in adversity and pain. Learning how to identify unhealthy thoughts & deeply rooted beliefs is key part of your success in Healing & Self Discovery.  I touch on this a bit in The Transformation starts with a new word I wrote earlier.  Looking at why and what you believe starts the process.  Understanding it doesn’t start with just you and your parents is also great because you can free yourself of the blame game.  This just is!  There is no wrong!  There is no right!  When we understand this we are now free to open, examine, clean out, heal and discover new opportunities.  My trusted friend reminded me of the cloudy areas that we get caught up in when we are bound to our unhealthy thoughts and belief system.  I hope you take the time to free yourself from the cage if you haven’t already.  I am continuously overwhelmed by the blessings that are flowing in to my life as I walk this path.  It is a path large enough for many, so I look forward to walking it with you.  Sending Love!   Check us out on

The transformation starts with a new word.

Still Beautiful & Weathering the Storms!

The transformation starts with a new word. The flesh may be broken & dysfunctional, but when spirit speaks and you listened, you become the vessel that Spirit flows throughout. Others may not see why or how you have this vision; they may disregard the power in you. DON’T SLEEP ON THIS GIFT! This gift is Spirit filling your already overflowing baskets. Before you reach your success, you will be tempted to compromise what you know is right. There will be a promise of good thing, but the truth is it’s a distraction to keep you from the abundant promise of your birth right! Spirit always gives you a preview of the mountain you will conquer before you do. I must release the gift that has been place in me to give… I MUST stay true to what I know is my calling, my VISION. I will live without regret and in the blessings, not in a curse! I will not sell my destiny for a lie & empty promises. I CHOOSE LOVE… I will accept my new label (new words) & release those that had me in bondage!

How do we get to this place?  How do I start a new way of thinking and of living?  Why are some of us so far off the mark while other appear able to stay on the path from the start?   I think of Billie Holiday’s song God bless the child that has their own.  I know its focus is really on having money, but I think self-identity would be better. One household two children, one is encourage one is not.  Who has success? The one that has a healthy view of themselves, one formed from within and not based on the world outside. Sometime our parents are in so much pain they pass on a curse and the bondage from their past to their children…. I see how this is generational and can be difficult to change.  I came to realized that even those who may seem to have it together may not.  I know that is revolutionary that we all have healing & self discovery that needs to take place.  There is something to be said about our parent child relationships.  They can free us or cage us, but this is not a moment where we start the blame game.  New day – New words! Truth is our parents are not perfect and just like you, they went through their own pain or pleasure to get here. There is no rule book for how to raise or love a child.  There are not instructions on how to put your turmoil on the back burner so you can raise a happy kid!  At some point we must take responsibility for our life and our actions.  Start by using your words and treat yourself right.

When we accept people for whom and where they are we release ourselves from the let down that we are creating by wanting them to be someone else. Wow that was a mouthful, stop expecting an onion to act like an orange.   Whether it’s your parent or not, you have to decide to stop being the victim of what you know is coming or not.  Would you stand in front of a target at a firing range yelling “why are you always shooting at me, why don’t you love me?”  Let the onion be the onion, choose to surround yourself with the real oranges.  Take a look at your family history.  Find out how your parents were handled. Learn about your legacy.  Take some time and identify what is true, what is false about your beliefs about you. Then look at where those thoughts and beliefs came from.  Release yourself of the one that keep you from you purpose, or discovering your gift.  Again don’t sleep on this opportunity. I CHOOSE LOVE… I will accept my new label (new words) & release those that had me in bondage!

Is the present possible?

Is it possible to have a day planned where nothing happen that’s supposed to, but everything that does happen could have never been planned and is perfect?  I woke up this morning with a clear vision of my day.  But from the start I was removed from my focus with a name and a message.  I allowed it to flow, and then I could get back to my plan.  Amazingly Spirit had bigger plans for my day!  I shared with the one who was on my  heart, but the words kept coming back to me   … I have a thought this morning for us (yoU & Self) When we have a vision, a dream, a desire is it truly realistic to say or believe when the time comes I will….. Or better to do it now so when the time comes the door of opportunity will be opened because yoU were prepared & truly ready.

Over and over today my plans were shot down.  Everything that was supposed to happen didn’t.  I heard from many people thank you for being ok about this, most people get so upset and we have to find ways to calm them.  Here is an outlandish idea, let’s be adults about it.  A big part of realizing your dream and being prepared is handling the downs just as you would the ups.  We are conditions to be happy with a win or success. We then complain and fume about everything else in our lives to everyone who comes in contact.  Let’s be clear we all need a sounding board, and not one that will drive you down. It is also important to know when you are releasing and when you are gossiping (negative chatter).  Our energy must be intentionally put on finding the blessing in and all around you.  Today while it seemed I was having doors slammed in my face, I made a choice!  I chose to Breathe & do something else. This is why doors opened for me I wasn’t even expecting.  It is sad when we close a door without even knowing they were open.  I challenge you to find the gift in the moment so you can flow in the present…..